Over the years, Exteriors Plus has gained a reputation for providing only the best in quality for residential and commercial roofing systems throughout Northeast Ohio. We know that the roof over your head is an investment in your future and your family’s safety, so our promise is to use only high-quality products when installing your new roof.

Common Roof Replacement Questions

A recent storm caused a leak! Do I just need a repair or a whole roof replacement?

Storms can be menaces to the health of your roof. If you find that your roof has a leak from the latest storm, you may only need a quick fix. Allow the Exteriors Plus roofing experts to do a complementary roof inspection at the first sign of a leak. To avoid further damage to the structure of your home, we will assess the severity of the damage and get you an estimate that will make you confident in the safety of your home again.

Will my insurance cover roof repairs?

Unfortunately, general wear and tear may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. The good news, though, is that many insurances do cover the cost of damages caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather. So if your roof becomes damaged from high winds, rain, sleet, or snow, call your insurance company to see what is covered!


Can I get my roof repairs financed?

As we previously mentioned, most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the cost of any damages that may occur from bad weather. If you are looking to fix up your roof after years of general wear and tear, however, you may be able to qualify for financing via a Home Equity Line of Credit, personal loan, or you can call Exteriors Plus today to see what kind of financing we can do for you!

Benefits of Choosing Exteriors Plus

When you choose to use Exteriors Plus’ roof replacement services, you can rest assured knowing that you are being provided with a well-crafted product that will be sure to last for years to come. Our team’s philosophy is to use quality materials that we are sure will leave our clients feeling safe and satisfied with the roofing process.

Curb Appeal in the Cleveland Area

Well-known in the Cleveland, OH region for our professionalism and eye for exteriors, our team at Exteriors Plus wants to leave you feeling confident about showing off your home. Yes, your roof’s main purpose is to provide shelter and safety from the outside elements, but it also acts as a staple piece for your home’s curb appeal. Why not choose a trusted local roofing contractor to renovate your home’s exterior and make it the shining star of your neighborhood?

Our Roofing Materials


Shingles, Protectants, Vents, & More

Shingles are the most common residential roofing material used in the United States. Every year, manufacturers are making improvements in these products and today even entry-level products perform better than the premium products of years past. Almost all asphalt shingles are referred to as fiberglass composition shingles because they are made of more than just asphalt and have a reinforced fiberglass core. There are three (3) main categories of asphalt shingles to choose from when proceeding with a roof replacement project: 3-Tab, Architectural, and Heavy-Weight Designer. As an Owens Corning platinum preferred roofing contractor, we will provide you with your choice of trusted roofing shingles: Oakridge, Duration, and Durations Flex.

The team at Exteriors Plus uses a variety of quality products throughout the roofing process to ensure that your new asphalt shingle installation lasts as long as possible. We use preventative care products like WeatherLock G Ice & Water Barrier, Ridgesure RidgeVent, Aluminum Drip Edge, and many other reputable materials to ensure your roof replacement gets done right and stands the test of time.

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